As a way of promoting the future development of Taiwan’s digital industry, the Ideathon invites everyone to imagine their life in the future. The objective is to gather a collection of innovative ideas from the general public and, in the spirit of open government, build on them to influence policy formulation and promote industrial development.


WeWe Futures: 2040 Diversity & Inclusion


This year’s theme is WeWe Futures: 2040 Diversity & Inclusion. Building on the spirt of the first Ideathon—WeWe Futures, which used imagination to transcend the constraints of space and time, this year’s theme expands to include social diversity. We invite everyone to join the discussion and imagine a future where everyone is treated with kindness, acceptance, and inclusion in all aspects of life, from daily living to social networks, workplaces, and environments. We hope that in the era of generative AI, human imagination can interact with AI to create a limitless and exciting future.


2022IDEATHON|WeWe Futures : 2040 Plurality

Human imagination is always one step ahead of the world.

In just a few decades, many scenes that once only existed in novels and sci-fi movies have suddenly become a reality in our daily lives. And that powerful imagination—one that is capable of rewriting the limits of civilization—could be your own, popping up on a whim as you brush your teeth in the morning.

Look ahead, what sort of world do you envision in the year 2040?




Thailand Creative & Design Center
Chulalongkorn University
Chiba Institute of Technology