Number: 001637 Date: 2023.10.16

保育動物新希望_NatureX 智能生態守護者|A New Hope For Wildlife Conservation

Number: 001637 Date: 2023.10.16
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NatureX能利用3D全息投影變身為各種動物融入動物中觀察紀錄動物們的動態影像,它可以即時發現健康異常的動物採取救援行動,並利用AI智能為野生動物建立“專屬檔案”建立大數據資料庫。NatureX的大數據資料庫會建立 “DATA MAP”用地圖的方式顯示各項動物的生存範圍、總數、以及性別年齡分佈。它也能利用數據分析提早預測動物的瀕危的可能性並找到問題點,提供資訊給政府進行決策與保育行動!

Participant| Hung Chi- Chen

Creative teams|27 Design

NatureX can use 3D holographic projection to transform into various animals and blend into their environment, allowing for real-time observation and recording of dynamic images of wildlife. It can instantly detect animals with health anomalies and take rescue actions, while using AI intelligence to create individual profiles for wild animals and build a big data database. NatureX's big data database establishes a 'DATA MAP' that displays the habitat areas, total population, and gender-age distribution of various animals in a map-like format. It can also use data analysis to proactively predict the likelihood of animals becoming endangered and identify issues, providing valuable information for government decision-making and conservation efforts!

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