Number: 000405 Date: 2023.10.16

2040年全球犯罪率趨近於零—母愛補充劑成功抑制暴力本能|In 2040, the global crime rates will drop to zero due to the Maternal Love Supplement successfully suppresses violent instincts.

Number: 000405 Date: 2023.10.16
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作者|黃俊融 、張家維 、蔡懷恩
創作團| 周育潤

全球青少年犯罪率不斷提升,根據據研究大腦前額葉皮質功能不彰及杏仁核結構較小是所有暴力犯罪和反社會行為的核心問題。在2040年,透過藥物控制與心理治療能修復成長階段前額葉受損病徵,預防未來犯罪的可能性,我們稱之「母愛補充劑」。 母愛補充劑為受感化並檢查出大腦中有此「黑暗物質」的青少年所設計,實施一年的療程:包含施打情感類激素,加上用VR的親情引導,模擬母愛感化陪伴其正向成長,創造一個和平的世界。

Participant|Chun- Jung Huang、Chia- Wei Chang 、Huai- En Tsai

Creative teams|Yu- Jui Chou

The global youth crime rate continues to increase. According to research, the dysfunctional prefrontal cortex and smaller amygdala structures are the core issues behind violent crimes and antisocial behavior. In 2040, through a combination of drug control and psychological treatment, it is possible to repair the symptoms of prefrontal cortex damage during the growing stage, and possible future crimes can be prevented. We call it ”Maternal Love Supplement". The "Maternal Love Supplement" is designed for teenagers who have been influenced and found to have this "dark mess" in their brains. It involves a one-year course, including the receiving shots of emotional hormones and using Virtual Reality (VR) to provide guidance as the influence of maternal love. This treatment can bring them positive thinking during their growth stage and bring a peaceful future.
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