Number: 001403 Date: 2023.10.16

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Number: 001403 Date: 2023.10.16
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播放電視新聞的「小吃店、食堂、美食街」將呈現AI生成、立場多元的新聞標題,引導立場區辨的公共討論。 AI資訊調和器,可把情緒性新聞言論調和成中性語氣,與使用者互動。結合線場數位看板與對話機制,在各種公共用餐區,展示多元新聞,媒合潛在對話者。 空間設計之型態整合 AI調和器、使用者、設備、空間環境等元素間的互動關係,設計分為輻散型與聚合型兩種,前者為自由有機式的互動氛圍,後者為正式聚焦式的討論氛圍。

Participant| Richard Hsu、Harry Chen、Claudia Lin

Creative teams|MCMarchi

The “snack shops, cafeterias, and food streets” that play TV news will present AI-generated and diverse news headlines, leading public discussions that distinguish between diverse political stances. AI information harmonizer can harmonize emotional news comments into neutral tones and interact with users. Combining onsite digital billboards and dialogue mechanisms, it displays diverse news in various public dining areas and matches potential interlocutors. The spatial design integrates the interaction relationships among AI harmonizer, users, devices, and spatial environment. The design is divided into two types: divergent and convergent. The former is a free and organic interactive atmosphere, while the latter is a formal and focused discussion atmosphere.
gif 示意圖
gif 示意圖
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