Number: 000478 Date: 2023.10.16

2040年AI獲啟靈 自創宗教「機械神教」引爭議!|A.I. Awakening 2040 Emergence of the 'Mechanical Deity' Religion arouse Controversy

Number: 000478 Date: 2023.10.16
示意圖 diagram

作者|劉孟錡 、洪鵬凱 



Participant|Mengchi Liu、Peng-Kai Hong

Creative teams|TWO DOT

This artwork envisions a society where generative AI pervasively entangles into daily life to explore the associated issues and challenges in 2040. In this society, the differences in people's willingness to embrace AI give rise to distinct groups such as technology enthusiasts, AI followers, and conservatives. Among them, two types of devices are widely used: the Mixed Reality MR headset "G.N." capable of instantly altering one's perceived environment, and the AI decoder detecting AI technologies and printing out the results.
Through the groups and devices mentioned above and their events, including the blurred boundaries caused by G.N., the familial conflicts arising from the decoder, and the social clash between AI followers and radical conservatives, the artwork invites viewers to speculate on the manifold relationships between humans and AI technology in the future. It prompts contemplation on how people perceive others, their environment, and themselves in the AI era.

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