Number: 001657 Date: 2023.10.16

台灣AI動物基因庫突破:結束動物實驗,打造無傷試藥時代|Taiwan's AI Animal Genomic Database Breakthrough in 2040:Leading Medical and Legal Reforms,Ushering a New Era Free from Animal Testing

Number: 001657 Date: 2023.10.16
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Participant|Mu-Tian Chen

Creative teams|Expect Studio

In 2040,Taiwan achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in technology.The goverment successfully created an Ai-driven Animal Genomic Database,ending the long-standing reliance on animal testing in drug development and pionerring a new era if human pharmacology.

This database is collaborative project between the goverment and private sectors,aimmimg to collect and integrate animal genomic data worldwild.Using AI algorithms for deep learning and simulations,it allows scientists to conduct more accurate and comprehensive drug tests without harmomg any life forms.

This innovatuve database has significantly transformed the legeal landscape for drug research.Traditional drug development depended on animal testing to assess safery and dfficacy,often sparking ethical and legal controversies.Now, the advent of this AI database offers abetter alternative, Taiwan is proactively revising relevant regulations,gradually phasing out traditional animal testing, and opening new possibilities in global medical law.

The new databse not noly sgortens drug developemt timeline but also reduces costs significantly.Moreover,since human and animal gences share many similartities,this novel AI database helps scientists predict drug effecys humans more accurately,thereby enhancing both safety and dffdecivecess.

The emergence of this technology not only changes the face of drug research but also has profound societal implications.Animal rights organizations warmly welcome this technonlgy, viewing it as a crucal way to protect animals from harm.
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