Number: 000969 Date: 2023.10.16

互動同理實境|Interactive Empathy Reality

Number: 000969 Date: 2023.10.16
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「互動同理實境」是一項結合虛擬實境和生成式 AI 的技術。使用者可以在虛擬實境中體會「另一個人」與他人的互動情境,達成同理彼此的目的。

例如,一位男生可透過此技術體驗女生的生活,實際感受「如果我是女生,別人會怎麼對我?和我說的話、對我的表情或動作有什麼不同?」虛擬世界中的角色是透過 AI 從巨量文字與非語言資料生成,能和使用者自然互動。AI 會參照使用者現實生活,以及目標同理對象特質,客製化出最能讓人感同身受的互動情境。

Participant| Po-wen Wang

Creative teams|Lambda Studio

“Interactive Empathy Reality" IER is a technology that combines Virtual Reality and generative AI. Users can immerse themselves in a VR environment to experience interactions with "another person" and achieve the goal of mutual empathy.

For example, a man can use this technology to step into the shoes of a woman and gain a real sense of, "If I were a woman, how would others treat me? How would their words, expressions, or actions differ towards me?" 
The characters in the virtual world are generated by AI using vast amounts of text and non-verbal data, allowing for natural interactions with users. The AI takes into account the user's real-life experiences and the characteristics of the target empathy subject, customizing interaction scenarios that are most relatable.

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